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Numerically controlled dual milling/sanding CPHSC is a routing machine designed to enable quick machining operations, perfect re production of profiles and finishing quality, ensuring a high standard of machining results in the course of time. It offers...

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Tenoner CNC dual head round and straight tenoning machine. Using its two opposing heads, FOX can cut two identical or different tenons at the same time. All adjustments and machining are controlled by CNC. Thanks to programmable toolpaths and its fast...

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Tenoner CNC end facing, milling, dual drilling machine for jambs and doors. Dual head machine with various CNC machining units. Ideal for making 45° and 90° end cuts for door jambs, cutting slots for locks and hinges, etc. The machining units are...

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Mortiser Dual opposing spindles mortiser. MICRON cuts horizontal or angled mortise slots using oscillating bits, working on two alternating benches. While the machine works on one bench, the operator loads the piece on the other bench. FIELDS OF...

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Special Tenoner-Mortiser Small and totally versatile: Two tools in only 3m2. Omnia is a compact machine that manages to fit a real work centre in the floorspace of a small two-bench tenoning machine. Equally capable of butt works (tenons, butting,...

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Tenoner Dual bench round end tenoning machine. PICO can machine horizontal, vertical and angled round end tenons. Its work cycle takes place using a moving tool that alternates between two fixed workpiece clamps. FIELDS OF MACHINE...

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Tenoner CNC Double bench round end tenoning machine PICO/CN is the most advanced solution currently available for straight or round end tenons. Ideal for single individual pieces and small batches. With a CNC work cycle, it can produce large-size...

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Milling Machine CNC milling, tenoning, mortising machine for kitchen furniture doors and furniture fronts. The PICO/MD2 machine is specifically designed to cut a special 45° or 90° joint ideal for furniture door frames, table tops, front frames...

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Tenoner Dual head round end tenoning machine with automatic loader. PRO15 cuts round end tenons of different sizes and angles on both ends of a wooden piece simultaneously. Equipped with automatic workpiece loading and unloading systems, this is the...

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