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Woodworking Machining Centre with 2 Independent Heads Dual CNC machining centre with 2 independent heads with 5 axes each. Machine and Robot at the same time. Cube features two operating heads controlled by a special anti-collision software to operate as...

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IDEA 150

Gantry 5-axis Machining Centre Gantry-type 5-axis CNC machining centre with two work benches. Ideal for milling complex wood surfaces, typical of chair components and similar. The machining head can use 4 independent spindles to switch from one operation...

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5-axis Machining Centre POWER is the range of gantry machining centres which offers the highest operating flexibility in various fields of application. All models, starting from POWER 200, can be set up in different configurations in order to meet...

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Flexible 5-axis CNC machining centre TWISTER is the innovative CMS Balestrini machining centre range characterized by high operating flexibility, as required by the manifold and ever more demanding needs of the woodworking industry. The machining centre...

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5-Axis Machining Centre for Chairs and Similar Products High-speed, 5-axis CNC machining centre designed specifically for chair parts and similar pieces, capable to cut mortises and tenons of different sizes and angles, abutting joints, multiple...

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Woodworking 5-axis Machining Centre The strength of quality.High volume, high productivity and high work quality machining centre with 5 interpolated axes. Fully enclosed for safe and precise high speed machining of very complex three-dimensional...

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Woodworking Machining Centre This fixed gantry machining centre with 3-4-5 interpolated exes is available on over 200 configurations and is ideal for a very wide range of applications. The benefits of Karat Strong, rigid and very accurate...

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Oversize Wood Piece Working 5-Axis Machining Centre Moving gantry machining centre with 5 interpolated axes. The CMS solution for precision working on very large pieces, such as curved beams and prefab walls. The benefits of PMT Very large...

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